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CEF Video

This video explains and showcases the activities of the  Canadian Education Foundation.

The Beargrass

The Canadian Education Foundation logo bears the image of a beargrass plant.  The Beargrass is the official title of the Canadian High School yearbook which is published annually.  The original image for the logo was scanned from a 1918 Beargrass annual archived in the high school library.  The dedication in the 1918 annual reflects the visions of the Canadian Education Foundation. 

"Our greatest hope is that Canadian High School will make this publication an institution.  If we had the assurances that the Senior classes following us would carry on the work of the BEARGRASS, then we would feel nobly rewarded in our work."  (1918)

It is from the foundations of these early citizens and the roots they nobly planted nearly a century ago, that the Canadian Education finds its  vision.  The Foundation reflects on the past as we peer into the future.  It is for these causes that we dedicate our work and acknowledge that truly "Our Roots Run Deep".

About Us

Who We Are

 The Canadian Education Foundation

• Is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt philanthropic charitable organization

• Cultivates and support innovation to benefit students and staff and enhance the mission of the school district

• Supports activities not funded by tax revenue

• Solicits funding from private and corporate sources

• Awards funding through a process developed and overseen by volunteer committee, representing business, community and educational leaders


The Canadian Education Foundation will partner with the community to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and maximize innovative opportunities for all students in the Canadian Independent School District. The Canadian Education Foundation was founded by a group of caring and committed citizens with a vision to enhance educational opportunities and student success in Canadian Independent School District. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt philanthropic organization. A volunteer board of directors composed of business, community and educational leaders, governs the foundation.


• Enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students

• Support staff for innovative efforts and recognize staff for exemplary teaching

• Involve the community by assuring a quality education for the leaders and workers of tomorrow

Our Programs



AIMS (Aptitude Inventory Measurement Service) testing assistance.  Provided to students in the 11th grade.

Innovative Teaching Grants

Innovative Teaching Grants.  Awarded to CISD educators in all subjects (Literacy, Science, Social Studies, Nutrition, Physical Education, Robotics, Technology and STEAM).

Student Scholarships

Provide scholarships for graduating Seniors of Canadian ISD.

Aiming High

Workforce Ready College and Career Preparatory Program for Canadian High School students. 


Window On a Wider World is dedicated to enriching the education of Texas Panhandle students through arts, science and cultural experiences for K-5 students.

Dual Credit

Reimbursing Canadian High School Seniors for a successful completion of one dual credit course during the school year.

By the numbers...

YTD Activity

1. CEF Academic Excellence Scholarship – $27,000.00

2. Eddie Meek –Forever Black Always Gold - $15,500.00

3. Kirk Morrow Scholarship $ 29,875.00

4. Kim Parnell Scholarship $18,500.00

5. No Worries Scholarship $8000.00

6. No Worries Camp Scholarship $ 5,795.00

7. Ex-Student Scholarship $11,500.00

8. Teacher Grants $53,396.10

9. AIMS Testing Scholarships -$80,187.50

10. Dual Credit - $15,600.00

11. Window On A Wider World -$17,880.00

12. Back Packs for Baker Elementary kids - $1329.00

13. “Willie Wildcat” Shirts for Elementary students and teachers - $5290.00

14. Back to School Gifts for new teachers –$ 4400.00

15. Homecoming Tailgate -$21,439.66

16. “Pam Spencer” Passion Award - $2,000.00

17. Funds Endowed to “Opportunity Funds” - $51,705.00 (Not an Expense)

Innovative Teacher Grants


  • Ana Hernandez - Miss Bendergarten in Kindergarten Year-Long Literacy Project
  • Molly Kerrigan - School Health Advisory Council Taste Test Challenge
  • Tricia Mitchell, JJ Cullender, & Luke Culwell – Robotics Advanced Programming-Hands-on Workshop 
  • Trisha Smith, Jill Boyd & Kristol Slavin1st & 2nd grade Mobile Science Carts 


  • Lori Johnson, Kristi Bass & Amanda LeFeverSPARK Science Labs
  • Heather LeeSocial Studies Alive!
  • Katherine BrownPASCO Igniting Science
  • Jennifer Fletcher, Kellye Flynn, Brittany Isom, Melanie Lusk, & Trisha SmithKaraoke Fluency


  • Heather SawyerMastering A.C.T.
  • Tracy Douthitt & Dana EvansElectronic Dictionaries
  • Tricia MitchellRobotic Tablets
  • Monica Bryant Climbing Wall
  • Michele HagoodMOS Certifications XCEL Energy Education Focus Grant


  • Monica BryantMulti-Media Station
  • Lori Johnson & Megan LongoriaMath & Science Project


  • Cassi Rash – Finding Your Best Fit
  • Tonny Hamby – GPS


  • Jennifer FletcherSTEM Bins
  • Josh MayhewTI-84 Software
  • Margie Hufstedler & Trisha SmithAmazon Echo Show


  • Catherine Lusby & Jenny BrownBattle of Books
  • Tracy Douthitt, Dana Evans, & Tricia Mitchell – Classroom Library
  • Michele Hagood – Makerspace


  • Krista Daniel and JJ Cullender – Story Walk. (BES)
  • Bruce Bryant – Critical Thinking Through Coding and Drones. (CMS)
  • Esmeralda Shields – Scientists at Work – Exploratory Extension – (CES)
  • Jennifer Fletcher – Exploration Station (BES)

Memorial and Donations

In Memory of: 

  • Jane Rivers: Mickey & Sandra Spoon, Jane Johnson, Tim & Betsy Alexander
  • Jeff Caseltine: Rudy & Lori Godino, Frank & Polly Farrar 
  • Betty Jack: Rudy & Lori Godino
  • Nancy Wilson:  Rudy & Lori Godino
  • Erbin Crowell: Rudy & Lori Godino
  • Don Drinnon: Charles & Janie Kessie, Benny & Connie Rupprecht
  • Glenda Hill Webber: Todd, Hamker, & Johnson LP, Geoffrey & Marie Griffith, Margaret Benge, Mr & Mrs. John Oppenheimer, James & Dorothy Ables, Candace & John Voltz, Kay Schill, Mr & Mrs. Robert Cain
  • Claudette Hand: Tim & Betsy Alexander
  • Lynn Lovelace: Joe & Ja’net Schaef
  • Steve Morris: Joe & Ja’net Schaef
  • Doug Wheeler: Joe & Ja’net Schaef
  • Charles Morehead: Mickey & Sandra Spoon

In Honor of:


  • Steve & Linda Rader: Bryce & Haley Ward
  • Jim Ramp: Al’Louise Ramp
  • Jean Schoenhals:  Al’Louise Ramp
  • Dr. Tony Cook-Thanksgiving: Newlyn Nix

Scholarship Funds:

  •   Kirk Morrow Scholarship: King Well, Black Gold, 4 K Services, Van Morrow, Martin & Sales, Guy Morrow, Set Right Trucking, Donnie Anderson, Kyle Miller, Kyle Northcott, Martha Cooper, John Julian, Eddie Johnson, Woodside Electric, Canadian Feedyards, Interbank
  • Kim Parnell Scholarship: Rudy & Lori Godino
  • Eddie Meek -Always Black Forever Gold Scholarship: Dr. Tony & Wendi Cook, 
  • Miles P. Henderson “No Worries” Endowed Scholarship: David & Ann Wilson, Derek & Makesha Maupin, Marie Maupin


2019 Donations - Friends and Supporters of the Canadian Education Foundation

William & Newlyn Nix, Don & Teresa Johnson, Dr & Theresa Abraham, Dr, and Wendi Cook, David & Ann Wilson, Jim & Lauren Haley, HG & Reagan Adams, Marie Maupin, Pat Popham, Mike & Mary Jo Leonard, Becky Reid, Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott LLP, Bucks Sporting Goods, Blue Star Bus Sales, Achieve Financial Group LLC, Superior Shooting, Alexanders Grocery & Deli, Kris & Brooke Richardson, Al’Louise Ramp, Bryce & Haley Ward.